Spanish metal band Abductum has founded by guitarist NoŽl Puente. It all
started in the end of 2010 with the help of two friends and great musicians
Francisco Molero and Mario Jimťnez from others old common local bands.
After just a few practices and rehearsals,the band is coming up with some
impressive material.Their music is built upon old influences of the most pure
thrash-heavy metal sounds.

In 2011 the vocalist Javi Puente (NoŽl’s brother) joined the band then
makes the first demo with two tracks published on the net. Demo was given
excellent and outstanding reactions.

The band entered Granada MusicProject Studio to record their first autoedited
full-length The Unrevealed Truth edited in 2013. All the work illustration and the
awesome album cover artwork created by his guitarist NoŽl Puente. Recently
the band appear on the two True Metal Lives Compilations (from States)
Doorway to the Unknown and Another Cup of Evil with many great bands from
all over the world.

The vocalist Javier Puente departed after summer in 2014 by personal issues
and the lead guitarist NoŽl Puente take over the vocal duties now. Kike
Urquiza was invited to join the band as new second lead guitarist.
Currently line up is totally involved working in the new album.