NoŽl Puente, born in 1971 in the southernmost Dutch province
in the city of Sittard, Netherlands. Soon after his birth, his family
moved to the Andalusian region of Spain where he grew up in
the city of Granada. At an early age, the pencil was his favourite
object even before he could hardly babble any words.

It did not take him too long to realize that pictorial language
was so pleasant and comfortable to him. And it has often been
used as one form of the human expression of communications.
His skill for drawing then brought him into developing his passion
in this professionalism. His aptness for deep detail and acuteness
also allow him to experiment with different nature of objects and
styles of art.

As a matter of fact, in the beginning of his artistic career, oil
painting was the main technique that he often used. During his
fine arts faculty days, his experimentation with different
pictorial techniques on all of his illustrated works had given him
numerous and outstanding credits and recognitions.

Throughout his artistic career, his passion and fervor in the heavy
metal domain was so extensive that he also incorporated them in
many of his personalized designs and other reproduction works.

Currently, his expansive repertoire also include technical and
creativity like graphic designing. As a result, another new
dimension of his artistic profession also expanded into the
publicity sphere like creating catalogs, the media, digital
illustration and etc. With these new technical elements, he was
able to incorporate them further into his new artistic creations.